A New Journal – Covers

I am continuing my quest to make art journals in different sizes, with different papers and bindings.  I just know that at some point I will find my “perfect” journal.

This month’s quest has led me to participate in Julie Balzer’s Junque Journal on-line class.  I love her easy, straight forward instruction, free style journaling and overall playfulness while she creates.

I created this 9″ x 12″ journal using canvas panels and a piece of raw canvas for the binding.  The front cover is made with left over gelli deli papers and the back is a watercolor chart that was a test of new colors.

The front cover.

Junque Journal Cover 1

And the back cover:

Junque Journal Back 1

The signatures are still a work in progress and I will post pictures of those when they are done.  Until next time, Keep It Simple.

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Sunbursts, Real and Imagined

Sunrise 2014 08 02

I captured this glorious sunrise a few days ago.  Can you see the sunbursts streaming through the sky?

Sunburst Watercolor journal page 080814

And here I have captured the sunbursts of my imagination in doodles and watercolor.

Tammy, at Daisy Yellow has a new art journal prompt series,  Tangents & Tactics.  Check out her page for the first prompt and video, very fun and inspirational.

Keep it simple!

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Playing with Gelli

I am smitten with the new 3″ x 5″ Gelli plate by Gelli Arts.  I spent some time last night playing with this new art tool and I LOVE it.  This spread was created with Dina Wakley’s new acrylic paint line and took less than an hour to make.

art journal background

This new size plate is used like a rubber stamp.  Take a look at the video Gelli Arts created.

This is not just for an art journal background, oh no.  How about printing a large piece of canvas and making a tote bag to carry your supplies or a apron to wear to your art classes, wrapping paper on newsprint….the possibilities are endless.

Enjoy and Keep It Simple.

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Sewn – Mary Ann Moss’ new on-line class

Woohoo!  Registration opened today for Mary Ann Moss’ new on-line class, Sewn.  Take a look at her sneak peak video.

Lots of colors, patterns and ideas to get your creative muse going.  If you’ve taken her classes before, you know her classes are packed with great ideas and her style of teaching is so inspirational.  Please join us!

Keep it simple!

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Watercolor Play

I’m taking Julie Fei Fan Balzer’s “Getting Started” monthly on line classes and this month’s class is “Getting Started with Watercolor”.  I love Julie’s teaching style, she is fun and very inspirational.

Below is my sampler of her techniques for adding texture to watercolor.

I can’t wait to try more techniques in my art journal.

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Slow Stitching Saturday

Here are a few more pictures of the embroidery that I am working on.

I love doing this!  So much fun just to sit and stitch away a Saturday.

Keep it simple!

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Embroidery Challenge, Floral French Knots

While I was scanning Facebook yesterday I came across a post from Theresa Martin about a new embroidery challenge blog called  Needle Thread Cloth .  After reading the initial ideas, I decided to join in.  I love to embroider by hand and have lots of unfinished projects just waiting in the wings.  So I jumped at the chance to start this new journey.

Many of you have seen this piece posted on my blog and as you can see, I haven’t done much to it embellish it further.

I have decided to continue to embellish this using the monthly challenges as jumpstart ideas.  Here is what I have done so far towards this month’s challenge, creating Floral French Knots.  I used variegated perle cotton #5 by DMC for the knots.

Embrodery French Knots

I’m sure I will be adding lots more over the weekend.  I just wanted to share with you what I had and ask you to join us.  It’s gonna be fun!

Keep it simple!

P.S.  Here is a close up of the flowers that I added before this challenge.  I’m sure I will have to add some french knots to the center of these.

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