Drywall tape, really?

Last weekend I spent four hours enjoying the company of other artists for our first monthly get together.  Everyone brought their own projects and we had a great time chatting and creating.  One of the things I brought with me was my technique altered book.  This is where I experiment with new media and ideas that wake me up in the middle of the night.  Just the day before, my husband and I were in the large orange box store and I noticed a roll of drywall tape that already had the adhesive on it.  I saw the possibility of using it in my art and so in the cart it went.

I brought the roll with me to the art gathering and decided to put it on one of the gesso’d pages and paint over it to see what happened.  I sponged on Jacquards Blueberry Sorbet acrylic by Sherrill Kahn and blew it dry with a heat gun.  Once it dried, I slowly pulled that tape away and was left with a great texture and color combination (look at the right side of the page).  The tape still had adhesive on it so I put it on the opposite page to create a reverse image.  I can imagine numerous layers of tape and color would  add even more depth.  Try this technique and show me what you come up with.


My addition for the Asian ATC Lottery for February in the Art-e-Zine Yahoo Group.

Asian ATC Lottery

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2 Responses to Drywall tape, really?

  1. uohaa says:

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    Thanks for the good and hard working blog!
    I looking forward to see more posting fron you!

  2. My favorite kind of techniques are the ones using ordinary items in extraordinary ways. Thanks for sharing.

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