Catching up on April

Well I am finally getting caught up on some of my art challenges.  Today I did the April Challenge posted on the Altered Books Yahoo Group.  This is an ATC sized watercolor stamped image on Fabriano paper.  I ran the ATC through my Xyron machine, front side down,  to adhere the glue.  I then placed a used dryer sheet over the top, cut the sheet to size and then sprinkled very fine purple and gold glitter on top of the dryer sheet and pushed the glitter into the sheet.  I think I added a bit too much glitter because you can barely see the watercolor imprint beneath the dryer sheet, but still pretty cool.

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2 Responses to Catching up on April

  1. Marci

    It looks great. Thanks for doing the challenge.


  2. I love used dryer sheets! I stretch them and make them all wispy looking and then paint them with diluted metallic craft paint.

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