Cherries and Donut Flowers

Isn’t this a cute little flower petal bag?  I was cleaning out my art room yesterday and came across a stack of patterns that I had stashed away.  I found this cute pattern from Valori Wells  that I purchased at the Sisters Quilt Show  a few years ago.  I stopped cleaning the room at that point and pulled up the chair to my sewing machine.  I chose these Mary Engelbreit prints and some red silk ribbon and started to sew.  I made this in less than an hour!  This could be a wonderful gift wrapping for a small handmade gift or it could be used as a small purse – just big enough to hold a lipstick, a hankerchief sprayed with your favorite perfume, a key and a few mints.  Enjoy!!

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2 Responses to Cherries and Donut Flowers

  1. This looks like a great swap idea.

  2. I love the surprises I find when I clean my space! Stuff I forgot I had. This is very cute!

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