Another Art-in-a-Carton completed

This is going to Jill in London, England.

Enclosed is an Icicle Doll made with Bali hand dyed fabric, silk sari yarn for hair and a hand embroidered face, a handmade charm, a 2″ beaded fabric square and a glass encased pendant with a layered collage in the front and fabric on the back.  I hope she likes it.


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2 Responses to Another Art-in-a-Carton completed

  1. Jill says:

    Hi Marci,
    Your delicious carton and contents have arrived safely. My camera is not with me at the moment so cannot post to my blog but wanted to comment here and say a huge thank you. I love everything, your work is so beautiful – I am very grateful.


  2. Kimberly says:

    Wow, your items are beautiful. How could she not love them?

    I just finished making my first carton as I am far down on the list, but I wanted to get a jump on them so when mine arrives with the addresses, I will be set. I love the things you made, as well as the art on the carton. I hope I people will like my cartons when they get them. Now to figure out what to make for the inside.

    This is really a fun project and it really gets people acquainted with each other’s art.

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