Day 9 Soul Journal

Day 9 – Today we revisited our pages from Day 5-6 and gave depth to the pages by adding a lighter color over the top and rubbing off some of it while the paint was wet.  The paint dried pretty quickly so I did not scrub off as much as I would have liked, but the effect came out pretty cool.  The blue-ish color is a light periwinkle that I added white to.  After the paint was completely dried (I used my heat gun because I didn’t want to wait), Sarah asked us to use a marker and make some marks around certain pics and then doodle it up until we felt like the page was complete.  Here is my interpretation.

Did you notice the letter A, R and T?  Sarah snuck that in on us  🙂

I had a few emails asking to post a pic of my flower garden.  This picture is taken from our front door.  These two beds with southern exposure are in the front of the house and grow herbs, perennials and annuals.  The walkway leads out to our mailbox.   


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One Response to Day 9 Soul Journal

  1. Anne Gaal says:

    Marci – Hi, again! I love how your “inchies” pages turned out! I love the swirls and whorls around them. Gorgeous!

    Thanks for trading blog links, too! I’ve added you to my “Art and Soul Journalers” section! 🙂

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