Color chart – Have you made one?

I saw a wonderful color chart posted by a member from Everyday Matters Yahoo Group.  I kept looking at it wondering why it never occurred to me to make one for myself.  What a great idea, especially for someone just starting out with color mixing.

So I spent most of my Sunday afternoon creating a 1″ grid on a piece of Fabriano Watercolor paper (18×18 inches) and then pulling out my Rembrandt pan watercolor pocket box.  (These are the watercolors that I took on vacation with me in my attempt to simplify the art supplies that I “need”).  What I discovered is that you really can make every color you need by mixing – the key is to mix the right colors so you don’t paint mud everywhere.  (I know some of your are rolling your eyes saying “Duh!”, but keep in mind that I am a self taught artist without any formal training – I work on instinct and sometimes it is wrong!)  The Rembrandt set has 12 colors and then I added Chinese White for the pastels as the last line on the chart.

Isn’t it lovely?  Just look at all of those possibilities!  I will hang this in my studio above my work table to remind me of the simplicity of color mixing.  I am going to make a smaller version that I can carry with me as I travel.

Keep it simple!!!!

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6 Responses to Color chart – Have you made one?

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  2. Donn says:

    You did an outstanding job with this one. This is one type of color chart I have never made. Maybe I should try it with the few watercolors I have.

  3. Anne Gaal says:

    I love your color-mixing guide! It is fabulous! Another project to add to my list! 😉

  4. Luba says:

    Marci, this is wonderful! I’m so glad you were inspired. They are great for seeing all the color possibilities that you cannot see by looking at the individual paints. Enjoy!

  5. Mary Hunt says:

    great chart…loks like you didn’t keep ‘that’ simple
    that you took a good deal of time to make it just right…it shows

  6. Jenny says:

    Nice chart! Charts are a great reference, and as you become practiced with mixing your colors, you will find that you need very few basic colors for your paintings. Have fun!

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