Christmas Giftie Ideas

I was reading through the Everyday Matters Yahoo group threads today and came across this post on Making a Simple Sketchbook posted by Nina Johansson in Sweden.  I pulled out a small scrap piece of the Fabriano Watercolor paper and followed her folding instructions.  Viola!  Very easy to make this booklet!  I spent some time brainstorming ideas on what I could do with this little gem.  Hmmm.

Here are some ideas:

  1. A Watercolor chart (you can see the large one that I made for my studio last week).
  2. A hand sketched “12 Days of Christmas” book
  3. A book of samples (fabric, buttons, etc.)
  4. A paper and fabric quiltie
  5. A book of ephemera collected from your daily life
  6. A photograph album
  7. Letter and number forms
  8. Poetry
  9. Random collage
  10. An autograph album (of your art friends)
  11. An address book
  12. To do lists
  13. An appreciation book
  14. Postage stamp album or how about collecting postmarks
  15. Inspirational quotes album

Let’s hear some of your ideas.

Keep it simple!

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