Day 20 Soul Journaling

Following Sarah’s instructions for Day 20 in my Soul Journal process – I completed this spread which contains torn laser printed copies of previous spreads glued down and painted over with a glazing.

This is my least favorite page in the journal – I think it is because I tried using a brown background.  Blah!!  I love bright colors, what was I thinking by using a brown?  I took out my white opaque poster paint pen hoping to brighten it a bit, it did, but I still don’t like it.  I am not going to spend anymore time on something I don’t like.  I will move on….

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1 Response to Day 20 Soul Journaling

  1. Christy says:

    You know brown is what creates that aged, antique look. My favorite add on color is burnt umber (brown) that I make translucent with glaze. Maybe you should try taking just a few of those colors that you love from that one tiny piece and add some glaze to them, then with a small brush add those colors over this brown. I think you might find you like it. Although… I don’t know if your white pen is permanent?

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