Organic Backgrounds: Week Three

Today we added more and more textured layers to our canvas’.  The white circles were made using an empty Scotch tape roll.

These pictures are lighter than the actual canvas.  I think that is because I scanned them rather than photographed them.

If you like these backgrounds, consider signing up for one of Paulette Insall’s on-line classes.  She is a great teacher and all of her materials are well done.  She video tapes each lesson, writes the instructions out clearly and concisely and has a complete list of the materials that are needed to complete the projects.

Check it out.

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2 Responses to Organic Backgrounds: Week Three

  1. Franchesca says:

    These are very beautiful! I love the color palate

  2. Mary Hunt says:

    marci these ackgrounds are gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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