Read this. Introspective, thought provoking.

During my lunch hour today, I was surfing my list of blog bookmarks and came across this entry from Ricë Freeman-Zachery’s blog, Notes from the Voodoo Cafe.  Here is a link to her article: Marching To Your Own Drummer

This may be the subject of my newly created soul journal (see my Artful Recycling post from yesterday). 

What will you do after reading this?

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3 Responses to Read this. Introspective, thought provoking.

  1. Cheryl says:

    Thanks for the link – fascinating read! I’m not sure I’ll make any changes because of the post, but it certainly is thought provoking. I totally agree about cell phones – but then that’s pretty much how I use mine too. I do enjoy a bit of tv, but very limited (and I do know where the off button is!). I think I may try to get back in the habit of having a cup of tea every day.

  2. WOW…Rice is Right0n. DrumBeats might just have to be the topic of another Journal for me…lots of fooder out there in the world to journal about, that’s for sure!
    Great thought provoking stuff…so glad you shared. And your recycled journal is very cool..I will be watching to see what all you do with it!

  3. teri says:

    Marci, first of all I LOVE your blog. I find your use of images and colors completely intriguing. I think the idea of writing about how we each march to a different drummer is full of potential and I’m planning to journal about it — thanks so much for sharing the link. I can’t say that I feel “as one” with Rice’s perspective on things, as I tend to accept that there are many paths to happiness (and that the injudicious use of technology could be among them) but I’m glad she has found her own happiness.

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