Weekend Art One

So many of you have commented on my Artful Recycling journal – Thank You! I had no idea it would hit a chord with so many.  I started altering and preparing some of the pages this weekend.

I added flourishes to the underside of the transparency using black StazOn ink.

Added silk flowers to the hand painted background card.

Added a magazine cutout of some roses and used a pink and white Caran D’Arch watercolor crayons to blend into the background.

Gesso’d on side of the Kleenex box side.  Notice the texture?  I put on the first coat of gesso and dried it with the heat gun and then added a second layer.  The second layer created this texture because the first layer was warm from the heat gun.  It reminds me of a spider web.  I was going to paint another layer on and changed my mind since the texture is so  unique.

A piece of junk mail covered up with torn papers and gel matte medium.  I then added a layer of yellow orche glaze over that.  This is ready to be written on.

More to come later.

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1 Response to Weekend Art One

  1. Amy Long says:


    I Love, Love, Love this!! I want to make one so bad, but am a little bit intimidated because I don’t have the binding machine. Any suggestions? Your additions to it look beautiful…I love the cover 😀


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