Christmas Snow and Altered Book Pages

The “Artic Storm” that was predicted finally arrived in Northwest Oregon this morning.


Here are my perennial flower beds.  I cut most things back a few weeks ago, but left the snapdragons, rosemary and carnations thinking I would cut them and bring them in.  The birds are all out enjoying the suet hanging from the snowball trees and here is a nice surprise, we have one pair of Annas hummingbirds that stayed this year.


This is the top of the hummingbird feeder.  We put a cap filled with water at the top to keep the ants from getting to the sugar water below (which worked).  Looks like he decided to use this as a perch to stay out of the snow and keep warm next to the Christmas lights. (It’s 22 degrees now, expected to drop to 18 tonight).

Earlier this year I started a technique altered book which slowly evolved into my “working” altered book.  Here is what it looks like.



Here are some of the pages that I thought you might enjoy.

ab110 ab210 ab37 ab41 ab51

ab61 ab71 ab81 ab91

ab101 ab111 ab121

ab131 ab141 ab151 ab161

ab171 ab181 ab191 ab201

ab211 ab221 ab231 ab251

ab262 ab271 ab281 ab291

ab331 ab341 ab351 ab361

There are still quite a few pages to be filled up and I look forward to trying some new techniques.

Stay warm and keep it simple!

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2 Responses to Christmas Snow and Altered Book Pages

  1. Lisa says:

    I love the fact that you started it by just trying out different techniques. I love playing with techniques but haven’t put them in a book because I still keep thinking that the book needs to be about something. I love this.

  2. OMG, this is amazing! I love your altered book…I could peruse it for hours. Yum!
    Peace & Love,

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