Concertina Journal Panel 7

Here is the latest addition for the Concertina Journal.  On this panel I tried some new things.  I used a silk ribbon on the right side thinking of leaves and then made a coil thinking of a tendril.  Not very balanced, but it’s OK.  I loved working the stitches.


I also tried some new thread, YLI Silk Button Hole Twist.  Look on the left side of the panel, the feather stitching is done with this.  This silk twist is wonderful to work with and feels so smooth in your hand and on the cloth.  I may have a new favorite thread.  Below is a photo of the four colors I bought to try out.  I ordered these through Joggles.


Here is an up close so you can see the thread


If you love to embroider, try this thread!


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1 Response to Concertina Journal Panel 7

  1. Barb says:

    Beautiful and I love the texture the silk ribbon leaves give the piece. And the coil is something I want to invorporate into my visual journal…awesome!
    Peace & Love,

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