Saturday Market Wallet

I so love this fabric that I keep finding different things to make with it.  Today I finished up a small wallet that I am calling my Saturday Market Wallet.  This is a tri-fold design, it folds into thirds.  This was made like a quilt; the top, batting, backing and then the binding.   I didn’t use a pattern, I just guessed at what the right size would be and am very pleased with the result.   Here is the front of the wallet.


When closed like above, the wallet measures 6 inches wide by 5 inches tall.

Open up the top flap and here is what you see.


Open up the bottom flap and here is what you see.  A place to put your paper money in the center and your debit card and drivers license in the bottom.  I chose a contrasting thread to hand sew the binding on the inside.


Here is the flip side of this view.


I only beaded and embroidered the top flap since that is what you see when you hold it.

Our local Saturday Farmers Market starts in about 6 weeks and I will be taking this lovely with me.  Enjoy!!

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3 Responses to Saturday Market Wallet

  1. Very pretty, Marci. I just love this fabric.

  2. Melisa says:

    Oh, it’s wonderful. That fabric is just fantastic!

  3. Dianne says:

    beautifully done! I love this fabric too…

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