Random Acts of Art

Today while I waited to be called for jury duty, I scanned through the piles of magazines that were there for people to read while they are waiting.  An idea came to me while I was flipping through them, why not add some artwork, quotes or better yet some positive affirmations to the magazines, give someone a surprise, a smile, a laugh or perhaps a giggle as they flip through the pages.  So I pulled out my trusted black Sharpie pen and began to doodle away on random pages in random magazines.  After 30 minutes, I had arted 4 magazines.  I wrote things like “you have a beautiful smile”, “thank you for being nice” and doodled lots of small pictures, even a Zentangle Mandala.

I smiled while I did this, wondering what the next person would do when they saw it.  I hope they will smile and add their own art and keep it going.  It only takes one person to start the chain reaction – try it!  You could make a world of difference to someone’s day !

Keep it simple!

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3 Responses to Random Acts of Art

  1. Alma says:


    What a great idea. I will remember to try it next time.


  2. What a wonderful idea! Like paying a smile forward.

  3. Kim Mailhot says:

    This was a fun idea ! Spreading the love is great in any form it takes. I will try it next doctor’s visit -I get stressed out there so I can imagine that the next patient looking at the old mag would appreciate an arty hug or “hang in there” comment!

    Have a great Easter weekend !

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