Happy Mothers Day!!

Today I celebrated Mother’s Day with my family. We attended church this morning and then planted over 30 – 4 inch pots of flowering annuals in the front perennial beds to fill in the gaps.  As I was planting and weeding the beds, I noticed this very tiny weed with tiny blue flowers.  Normally I would have pulled it out without thinking twice but for some reason I felt like I had to capture the beauty of the blue.  This tiny weed is only one half of an inch tall.

blue flower weed-1

I left it.

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2 Responses to Happy Mothers Day!!

  1. Weeds are weeds for two reasons. Either they have stickers later on or they don’t last long enough to make a garden of them. Well, I guess there’s a third reason which is they throw seeds or spread themselves everywhere. This is a really pretty little wildflower. Glad you could appreciate it.

    I enjoyed visiting your blog.

  2. HI MARCI! Thanks so very much for visiting my blog. Yes.. the death of this little indigo bunting was quite heartbreaking.

    I felt a bit of comfort from the fact that he had a proper burial in the garden.


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