Art Classes with Kelly

WOW!  What a fabulous weekend spent at Art On A Lark taking Kelly Kilmer classes.


The first class on Saturday morning was the Triptych Book.  A beautiful three panel handmade book with four signatures.  Kelly walked us through the process of collaging the covers and spines, then showed us how to create the individual signatures and sew them in using a very special design.   Below is the inside of the book.

triptych base

Below are the covers.

Triptych Book Front-1

Once completed we learned  different techniques for collaging and painting.


The afternoon class was the Mementos Book.  This is a 9 inch by 9 inch journal with pockets on the inside.  Below is my unfinished cover.  Notice all of the tapes?  This is just a very small sample of all of the beautiful deco tapes Kelly brought to share with the students.

mementos cover-1

Below is the inside cover, notice the pocket on the left?  The right side is the first page of the signature with layered paint and stenciling.

mementos inside-1

I attended the Sunday afternoon class called Swatches.  These are hand sewn journals using recycled materials and are PERFECT as a take along project.  Below is the first journal (cover and some of the inside pages).  These pages were  created in the class using Kelly’s techniques.

swatches front cover-1

swatches pages 1-2-1

swatches pages 3-4-1

swatches pages 5-6-1

swatches pages 7-8-1

swatches pages 10-11-1

swatches back cover-1

I have to say that this was the best art weekend I have had in a long time.  If Kelly comes to teach in your area, sign up and take her classes.  She is a wonderful, patient and fun teacher!  You too will become hooked on her techniques and style.

Have an artful day!

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3 Responses to Art Classes with Kelly

  1. This looks like it was great fun. What a great way to spend the weekend!

  2. Diana Trout says:

    Oh wow, Marci! How yummy is that book?!

  3. Denise Mares says:

    Marci, I’m so glad the class was a success. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to attend. Love your book, it’s so cool!

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