More thoughts on Simplify

My motivational word for October is simplify.  I am looking at my art studio, my job, my home and my garden, re-exam everything, asking the question, “What Can I Simplify?”.  In my earlier post I was working in my art studio clearing out art paper, ephemera and paints.  Last night I started looking through my collection of zines and other art magazines.  These take up so much room and once I have read them I rarely open them up again.  They sit on top of the dresser in their own binders just taking space and collecting dust.  I thought of some options to “simplify” these.  I could sell them through Etsy or EBay, donate them to my local library, use them to barter for other goods or recycle them.  Still haven’t made a decision on this.  What would you do?

Speaking of recycling, take a look at this simply fabulous tutorial from Jessica Jones at How About Orange.  Pretty cool, huh?  I am dreaming of recycled Christmas packaging.

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  1. Margaret F. says:

    Storebought bows lost their sparkle a long time ago for me, overused and unchanged. This tutorial gives you a chance to give a fresh spin on a basically good but tired concept. Thanks for the link, I’ll try this!

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