Another Journal started

Here is the cover that I created for Mary Ann Moss’  Remains of the Day on-line journal class.

The cover was created from some old quilt blocks that I had made from a stash of Kaffe Fassett fabric.  The tie is a strip from that same fabric with silk sari yarn sewn on for texture.

Here are some of the signatures that I have sewn.  I’ll be adding more paper tid-bits and some fabric scraps to them before they are sewn into the cover.

And here is my workhorse!  This sewing machine is over 50 years old and runs perfectly.  It  was a gift to my mom.  I started sewing with it when I was 7.  It is an old and dear friend and I plan to give it to my daughter some day.

Now back to sewing papers.  Keep it simple.

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8 Responses to Another Journal started

  1. I knew I should have kept those odd quilt squares but after 10+ years I just cleaned my closet of all sorts of goodies that would have been great for this class.

  2. Your book is fabulous and I love the pages too.
    I am playing catch-up and having so much fun. Thanks for the encouragement.


  3. barbara says:

    Love your blue machine. The old ones are so much sturdier. My main machine is a Singer, about 40 years old. You’re right, they are workhorses. I’ve sewn paper and cardstock with it before, but after the last tune-up, I decided to use it only for quilting and fabric. I bought a small Janome just to sew paper with.

  4. elizabeth says:

    Nice machine. My favorite is a Viking that is 30 years old. I thought about trading it in till the proprietor offered me $400 more than the original price. I asked her why and she said these old machines have metal parts that don’t break or stretch like the plastic parts of the newer machines. Plus they do heavy duty sewing and most new machines do not. I kept my machine and bought a cheapy new machine for what I needed. So hold on to your blue babe!

  5. Your cover is amazing! I love the colors and your signatures are so inspiring too!!! I just finished my cover. Thanks for sharing!!!!

  6. Dianne says:

    oh, these are just lovely…your choices have made all the difference in the final outcome…wonderful color and textures! And the cover is gorgeous! thanks for sharing…

  7. Cynthia says:

    Marci, love your cover – the colours are beautiful. I can see you continued with a colourful theme on your pages as well, I am quite inspired! But I especially loved seeing the picture of your mom’s sewing machine!!


  8. Kim H says:

    I love the journal! I’m also taking the class and am having fun following the links from the flickr group! I’m adding yours to my new blogroll so I can keep up with all you do!

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