Its a Pink Sunday

Another beautiful day in the Pacific Northwest has come and gone.  59 degrees here at the 45th parallel and it is still winter!

I kept seeing things pink today, could it be I was wearing my rose-colored glasses again.  Tee hee.

I am taking Teresa McFayden’s Free Style Embroidery on-line class and decided to try her suggestion to dye some fabric with Kool-Aid.  WOWZA – it worked.  Take a look.

Polyester lace, cotton lace, dish towel fabric, muslin, Venise lace on top.

This is duck cloth and a piece of linen-like fabric.

Linen based embroidered fabric, cotton lace, cotton muslin and above that is a piece of Toile that was originally red and white.

Polyester lace, real linen fabric, more poly lace, Venise daisies.

Notice how the same dye bath reacted differently on the fabrics?  The linen above is almost orange, same with the embroidered linen two photos above.  This was so cool to try out.  I also have Orange and Grape Kool-Aid to try next.

Have a fabulous, artful day.  Keep it simple.

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2 Responses to Its a Pink Sunday

  1. Wow, what a clever idea! And I bet it smells nice and fruity too!!!

  2. Hi Marci!

    Thanks for writing me… yes.. I am loving this new journey… I feel as if I am truly following in Edith’s footsteps.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the beautiful dyed fibers you have made.

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