I’ve been stitching

I wrote about Teresa McFayden’s Free Style Embroidery on-line class a few weeks ago and just started stitching a few days ago.  Here is what you’ll find on my art table.

DMC Floss

Velvet ribbons

Cherry Kool Aid dyed fabrics and trims

Stay tuned for more stitching news.

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4 Responses to I’ve been stitching

  1. Very sweet Marci!!!!!I’ve been working on my blog tonight as well. Check it out. I still want to do some stitching with you, hugs Donna

  2. Sharon MLS says:

    This looks so fun! But I’m not a hand stitcher. You got me wanting to try tho!

  3. Lotus says:

    This is great! I saw another artist doing this, with a subtle color scheme. I love the bright color too! I wish I had some of those luscious ribbons and laces you’ve got there… ; )

  4. i have the stitchin’ bug myself!
    love yours!

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