Cloth Weaving with Jude Hill

What is cloth weaving?  It is recycling of old cloth and weaving it into new cloth.  Jude Hill at Spirit Cloth has taken this concept to a new level by creating story quilts using this technique as her design base.  I signed up for her Cloth to Cloth on-line workshop and am having a great time learning her techniques.  Below are photos of my first few attempts creating the base layer.

This one is made up of different types of muslin.  Don’t you just love the frayed edges?

This one was done with numerous cotton odds and ends.  Notice the weave within the weave?

Here is my third weaving, the base is a sample piece of Damask upholstery woven with Moda Marbles quilting cotton.  Love the richness of the Moda, it almost looks like velvet.

I’m looking forward to her next lesson.  Stay tuned.

Keep it simple!

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5 Responses to Cloth Weaving with Jude Hill

  1. KathyB says:

    This has such possibilities! I’m excited to see people doing unusual things with fabric. You’ve expanded the possibilities. Thanks. I’m doing ‘other’ things with fabric also, and your weaving will fit right in. Come see what I do with fabric scraps

  2. Mary says:

    Hi Marci! I was in that class too! Love your cloth weaving pieces! And all your journal creations.

  3. jude says:

    yes, simple it is, but it will take you over the rainbow! thanks for kind words.

  4. Hi Marci,Oh my goodness, I do feel we have a connection. I did some of Jude’s weaving in my visual art journal this summer. I was inspired by the article in Q.A. You can see it on my blog back a few entries. Are you taking a class with Jude? I am so glad to see you are blogging! hugs from Canada

    • Marci says:

      Hi Donna! Yes, I am taking her Cloth to Cloth class. Love it! With winter’s arrival I feel like I want to spend more time with cloth and thread. I am also working on a pattern for another quilt, this one for my youngest son.
      Thanks for your comment. Hugs.

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