Another Juicy Journal Page

I created this lovely as a test page in my small (5×8) moleskine journal.  I was testing out some new colors and foam stamps.  Don’t you just love that rain drop stencil?  From Balzer Designs – Crafters Workshop, created by Julie Fei-Fan Balzer.

Very juicy!

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4 Responses to Another Juicy Journal Page

  1. Linda K says:

    what a fun and funky spread! Gotta love Julie’s stencils!!

  2. teddi says:

    big like here! 🙂

  3. Marci says:

    Hi Donna,
    So nice to see your name! No, I did not gesso
    the pages first in the large journal since those
    were heavy duty 140lb watercolor color paper.
    The moleskine journal, the smaller one, I did add a light coat of gesso first. Thanks for stopping by. Hugs.

  4. hi marci, wonderful journal pages. good to see you blogging again. did you use gesso on your pages first?

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