Playtime: More Color Swatch Tags

Here is the next set of colors for my swatch book.  These are Adirondack spray color washes by Ranger.  I sprayed the color directly onto the tag and rolled a paper towel roll once over the top to pick up excess spray.

Next up for color swatches were the Daniel Smith Watercolor tubes.

Then the Golden Fluid Acrylics.  I applied one drop to each tag and spread it around with water.  I can’t believe how strong the pigment is in these paints.  It always surprises me just how little you have to use.  Although these are expensive, you can tell that they will last quite awhile.

At this point, I have used up all of the tags that came in the ring bound journal.  Once the tags were dry, I segmented them by paint type and put them back into the journal.

The white cards you see are the dividers for the different paint types.

I’ll be starting another swatch book to use with my color pencils, pastels, watercolor crayons, markers, etc.  Perhaps it is the OCD in me but the idea of categorizing my art supplies is exciting!  Pretty cool and worth the few hours it took to put together.   I hope you have enjoyed seeing my stash of colors.  Stay tuned for more.


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