Art Journaling: A few more entries

Here are my simple journal pages from the past few days.  These was more journaling and less art.

The border is just pieces of scrapbooking paper and ephemera that was in my scrap box.  The rainbow on the bottom left page was made using Cray Pas Oil Pastels rubbed into the background.  I love the “foggy-ness” of it.


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2 Responses to Art Journaling: A few more entries

  1. Linda K says:

    Love the rainbow and how the eye moves you all around the page in such a pleasing way.Well done! I am also VERY impressed with your pics below on creating swatches of all your inks, sprays and paints-what a job-not sure I want to do that for myself right now but it looks amazing to be so organized.

  2. I love the rainbow! Love it! Not to mention the use of the cray pas to create it…sheesh my cray pas have been neglected for so long I doubt they will remember who I am if I pull them out again 🙂 The scrap paper framing is great too and man does that “To do” list ring a bell…now if I could just find the gumption to actually DO it. Beautiful page I love every bit of it.

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