Art Journaling catch-up

Oh my gosh, it’s been over two weeks since I last posted my art journal pics.

June 29 on the left.  When you open that flap, there is another small journal insert from the week vacation that we took to Northern California and Lake Tahoe.  On the right is July 15.

On the right is the small journal made from the newsprint papers that I use underneath my paintings to keep the desk clean.  I folded these papers and created a hand bound journal that I used to collect ephemera and write down my thoughts during our trip.

Here is a page from inside the journal insert.

And another insert page.

This is the back of the journal insert on left and the page that is covered up by the insert.

July 16

July 17-19.  I used the new Vintage Paris map stencil from Artist Cellar as the background for the circles.  Pretty cool huh?

July 20.  The cupcake pattern came from a napkin that I separated and glued down with gel medium.

Enjoy!  Keep it simple.

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1 Response to Art Journaling catch-up

  1. Gorgeous pages, Marci!!!! I want to see them in person! 🙂

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