Quilt in the Making

I have finally begun my youngest son’s quilt for his twin bed.  He chose the cool color side of the spectrum, yellow-green, green, teal, blue, purple.  We decided to use a four-patch theme with a pattern of the dark patches rambling through the quilt.  Here are the fabrics cut into 4.5″ strips.

DIY alert:  for those that don’t have a place to hang the strips, I used two expandable shower curtain rods and placed them in a north facing window (so the sun would not bleach them).  The strips stay unwrinkled and I can immediately view the color options as I prepare the light, medium, dark four patches.

And here is the beginning of the four-patch blocks placed on the design wall.  This is just the initial layout.  As I sew the remainder of the patches, I will rearrange to make sure they follow the alternate light patch/dark patch theme as well as creating the dark patch diagonals for depth.

The design wall is in a hallway so I can’t take the photo standing in front of it, but I think you can get the idea.

This has come together pretty quickly and my son is so excited to get this on his bed.   I’m going to check in with a friend that has a quilting machine and ask her to quilt it.  I normally like to quilt these by hand, especially for family members, but in this case I will have it machine quilted for expediency.

Keep it simple.

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