List it Tuesday

I’m a bit behind in posting my list for this past Tuesday.  This weeks prompt from Aimee Dolich at Artsyville, was ” I Am A Sucker For”.  Here is a list of my “sucker” items written on art tag I found in my box.

This is a double sided tag.  On the reverse side I have listed: fresh cut flowers, graffiti, Christian pop music, gym clothes and running shoes, journals, kittens, ephemera, pan handlers, watching travel shows.

I love making these lists and especially going back to read them at a later date.  If you want to join in on the fun, click on the Artsyville link above and start making your lists.

Keep it simple!

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3 Responses to List it Tuesday

  1. I love the colours you used. Gorgeous. I’m a sucker for lists! So many of these are mine too!

  2. aimee says:

    your handwriting is so neat — and tags are just perfect for list making! you’ve inspired me — I think it’s time to go digging in my stash of shipping tags again. great list & thanks for participating, marci!

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