Is it really March?

Wow, I can’t believe I have not posted here since December.  Whew, where does the time go?  I’ve been busy creating lots of things though.  I am on a quest to minimize my belongings (that could be a post all in itself, but that will be for another day) and to finish up all of the projects that I have started in hopes to make room for all of the other things I want to explore.  For those things that no longer inspire me, I am donating them to the local thrift store (perhaps they will inspire someone else).

Let me tell you about the latest completed project, my son’s quilt top.  I started this last year hoping to complete it for Christmas, NOT!  This past week I decided to focus all my free time on completing this and as of this morning, the top is done and my youngest son loves it.  He picked out the colors and the pattern (8″ four patch blocks alternating light and dark to create the diagonals). This is a bit bigger than a standard twin size quilt, 72″ x 85″ and will hang nicely over the box springs.  There are lots of different designer fabrics in this; Kaffe Fassett, Malka Dubrawsky, Patrick Lose, and some Benartex prints, all in his chosen cool color theme.  Notice the center patch – this one is different in that is has faded denim included, the only one in the whole quilt.  I explained to my son that in times past there was always just one block that is not like the rest and is placed somewhere in the quilt, he chose the center spot.  The intent is to show that the quilt is not perfect and that anything made by man or woman cannot be perfect, only God is perfect.

Quilt Top

I will be taking this to my local quilt store tomorrow to have them machine quilt it.  I’m hoping they can have it done in a week or so.

More completed projects to be posted tomorrow, until then, Keep It Simple.

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