Slow Stitching

The past few days I have been searching for something, something to create, something that will soothe my spirit, calm my mind.

Muslin Weaving

This is a cloth-weaving in muslin layered on top of another piece of muslin.  I hand stitched all of the weaved pieces to secure them to each other and the backing.  Then I sat and stared at it wondering what I should do next.  The blank-ness of it intimidated me, the same way a blank page in my art journal does.  I knew I wanted to add scraps of fabric, but then I froze at what colors to choose.  I spent a few hours going through my fabric stash, reminiscing on why I bought certain pieces and how those projects never were started.  Ugh!  I put the folds of cloth away and instead focused on a drawer that had remnants from other projects that I had completed.

Muslin Weaving Patch 1

This is the first patch.  It was a pieced square that I cut into a circle and tacked down with stitches.  I thought about matching threads, stitching a true appliqué stitch where the stitches don’t show and then I realized that I am once again over thinking.  I have to remember that it is the process of doing, not the project itself that is enjoyable and mind-altering. It is the movement of the needle and thread through the fabric that gives meaning to a piece.  So many times you just have to start and see where the journey takes you.  (to be continued).

Keep it simple!

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3 Responses to Slow Stitching

  1. spiritcloth says:

    nice cloth 2 cloth.

  2. This is lovely. I love to see the hand stitching.

  3. nuvofelt says:

    Yes, and don’t be afraid to change it with overlays of other fabrics. An exciting project.

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