From This to This to This

Quilt Top FabricsFrom this stack of solid cotton fabric

Quilt Top Strips

To these 3″, 4″ and 5″ strips

Quilt Top 2

To this quilt top.

I saw this design/kit in the new Keepsake Quilting catalog and realized that I already had lots of solid cotton fabrics that I could use.  I recreated the pattern and made the blocks a tad smaller (11.5″ finished) and used brighter fabrics.  The top will measure about 57″ x 57″ when I finish with the backing, binding and quilting.  I have lots of left over strips that I may randomly piece together to make the backing.

My initial thought is to quilt this with floss in a Sashiko style (straight line) hand stitch.  How would you quilt it?

Make it a great day and keep it simple!


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1 Response to From This to This to This

  1. Vanessa Wallace says:

    This is beautiful. Yes I agree with doing sashiko quilting on that and some embroidery. What a wonderful piece of quilting.

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