Pincushion #2

Here is my second attempt at creating a pin cushion.  I used a freestyle Log Cabin pattern using my scrap basket of 1″ wide strips of fabric.  On this one, I backed the top with a scrap batting and then top stitched it before sewing on the back and filling it.  The finished size is 4″ x 5″.

Next to the pin cushion is a box of Valdani hand dyed perle cotton (size 8) in their Rainbow –  Light Collection.


I’m thinking of what design I will use for #3.


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2 Responses to Pincushion #2

  1. debby says:

    Welcome back! I have missed you, and am so glad I clicked on your blog this morning! I have been thinking a lot about sewing small pieces of fabric together. Maybe a pincushion is the way to start.

  2. Colleen says:

    Really pretty x

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