I think this is what this is called.

chatelaine 1988

I found it in the bottom of my sewing chest.  I made this in early 1988.  I wore it to our local quilt guild meeting.  The pin cushion on the left was also my name tag and the ribbon on the right kept my scissors handy.  The pins are from AQS (American Quilter Society), Georgia Bonesteel’s Spinning Spools and Fabric Finders was a club back then.

I’ll be heading to the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show this coming Saturday, July 9th and perhaps I will find a new pin to add to this.

Enjoy the day and keep it simple!

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1 Response to Chatelaine

  1. Lynda Heines says:

    I remember those too! A couple years ago I made a stole for a minister friend – just a larger version of this. It reminded me of those and all of those quilting pins I have somewhere!!

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