Colorful Stitches

DropCloth Sampler-Drawing Stitches up close

This sampler was a joy to stitch.  The variety of stitches, patterns and my stash of threads kept me motivated.  I stitched with 6 ply floss, perle cotton #5 and #8, and wool threads which gives a lovely texture to the piece.

DropCloth Sampler-Drawing Stitches whole

I finished this piece like a quilt with a thin layer of batting, cotton backing and binding.  It makes me smile every time I walk by it.

The pattern, Drawing Stitches is from Rebecca Ringquist at Drop Cloth Samplers.

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3 Responses to Colorful Stitches

  1. Donna Funnell says:

    Beautiful work Marci! So good to hear from you!

  2. Lynda Heines says:

    Love it! I’ve been wanting to do one of those samplers of hers for a long time. Would be a great traveling craft. Thanks.

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