Book of Color, A Study of Red

I am enjoying Julie Balzer’s Winter 2018/2019 series of on line classes.  I started with her class on making “Lantern Houses” and am now beginning her “Book of Color”.

The first panel is a study of the color red.

Book of Color Red

I used an old piece of poster board then started layering all the colors of red.

Here is the list of what I found and what I thought of each:

  • Acrylic paints in soft body and fluids (cheap acrylics don’t have a lot of pigment, you don’t need a lot of fluid paint to get color)
  • Tattered Angles Glimmer Mist spray (clean and test the nozzle first, use as the last layer so you see the shimmer)
  • Adirondack Color Wash spray (strong color when sprayed, will wash out as more layers are added)
  • Daler Rowney Acrylic Ink (dipped my brush in the container and painted with it.  Great solid color, easy to work with, you can mix it with water to tone it down)
  • Dylusion Ink spray (bright color, easy to use once you clean the nozzle)
  • LuminArte Twinkling Watercolors (wow, these added a hint of sparkle and the colors were strong)
  • Faber Castell Gel Sticks (rubs on so smooth, like lipstick.  Activate with water or rub in with your finger or a cloth)
  • Cray-Pas Oil Pastel (rubs on smooth, used my finger to blend it in, because it is oil based, water based mediums don’t absorb over it)
  • StazOn Ink pads (not strong color, hardly noticed after I applied them)
  • Elmer’s Paint Pen (nice acrylic paint, easy to use, dries quickly)
  • Faber Castell Pitt Big Brush pen (these are waterproof and transparent, great for layers)
  • Molotow Acrylic Paint pen (another great acrylic paint pen)
  • Zig Clean Color Real Brush pen (watercolor in a brush)
  • Koi watercolor set (strong, opaque red)
  • Copic markers (bold, bright color, bled through paper)
  • Caran d’Ache neocolor II (water soluble crayons, activate with water or rub it in with your finger)
  • Prismacolor, Blick and Faber Castell colored pencils (none of these were water soluble, the marks I made stayed as drawn)

We are working our way through the rainbow.  The next panel will be Orange.  I’m looking forward to see how many colors of orange supplies I have.




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Rolled Felted Bead Necklace

Nine years ago, I posted a tutorial to create Rolled Felted Beads.  That tutorial has been the most popular post.  I’m still making them.  Here is my latest one, hung on a ball chain for a necklace.  I love these colors.

Felted Bead Turquoise & Citron

Making a bead is fairly simple and does not require a lot of supplies; felted wool, thread (embroidery floss, perle cotton, yarn, silk ribbon), sewing needle, seed beads, and stick or straw to roll the felt strip on.

I’m looking forward to seeing the beads you create.


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Colorful Stitches

DropCloth Sampler-Drawing Stitches up close

This sampler was a joy to stitch.  The variety of stitches, patterns and my stash of threads kept me motivated.  I stitched with 6 ply floss, perle cotton #5 and #8, and wool threads which gives a lovely texture to the piece.

DropCloth Sampler-Drawing Stitches whole

I finished this piece like a quilt with a thin layer of batting, cotton backing and binding.  It makes me smile every time I walk by it.

The pattern, Drawing Stitches is from Rebecca Ringquist at Drop Cloth Samplers.

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Lantern Houses

I made these!  In about two hours (plus drying time) using what I had in the studio.

house lanternsI used different base papers for each one, old ledger paper (left) and white card stock.  Both papers held up well to the layers of collage and paint.  These were fun and easy to make.  I’m planning to make a village to display on the mantle and place battery operated tea lights in them.

Visit Julie Balzer at Balzer Designs to create your own village.



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I think this is what this is called.

chatelaine 1988

I found it in the bottom of my sewing chest.  I made this in early 1988.  I wore it to our local quilt guild meeting.  The pin cushion on the left was also my name tag and the ribbon on the right kept my scissors handy.  The pins are from AQS (American Quilter Society), Georgia Bonesteel’s Spinning Spools and Fabric Finders was a club back then.

I’ll be heading to the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show this coming Saturday, July 9th and perhaps I will find a new pin to add to this.

Enjoy the day and keep it simple!

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Pincushion #2

Here is my second attempt at creating a pin cushion.  I used a freestyle Log Cabin pattern using my scrap basket of 1″ wide strips of fabric.  On this one, I backed the top with a scrap batting and then top stitched it before sewing on the back and filling it.  The finished size is 4″ x 5″.

Next to the pin cushion is a box of Valdani hand dyed perle cotton (size 8) in their Rainbow –  Light Collection.


I’m thinking of what design I will use for #3.


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Pincushion Practice

I have been intrigued watching the social media fascination with the creation of these cute and colorful, pieced miniature quilts disguised as pincushions.

I fell in love with this one from V and Co., this one from Fresh Lemons Quilts, and this one from Crazy Mom Quilts.

I couldn’t understand why you would ever need more than a few, until…….

I made my first one.


I followed the instructions from V and Co.  The instructions were very well written and easy to follow, but my inexperience in working this small highlighted that I still have a lot to learn.  Sewing these tiny (1/2″ wide) strips onto a foundation piece with a scant 1/8 inch seam requires your full attention to make sure all of the edges are sewn together.  The only block where the seams did not come apart is the one in the upper left corner.  I was going to over stitch all of the strips, but that didn’t work as I had hoped.  I used a scrap of white and green chevron stripped fabric for the backing, and filled it with ground walnut shells.  The finished size is 4″ x 4″.  It has weight to it and actually feels like a bean bag you would use for carnival games at a fair.

I had a great time picking out the fabric scraps, I learned something new, I finished it in one day and I will use it.  On a scale of 1-10, it’s a 10 for me, even with the flaws.

If this has piqued your interest, go take a look at the list on Crazy Mom Quilts for a pincushion party she held last fall to celebrate her fabric release.  (Down the rabbit hole you go……)


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