Patchwork Improv, Strip Sets

I’ve been slowly working my way towards using the strips that I cut previously to create numerous strip sets of varying colors.  Here is where I am so far.

Improv Piece strip sets

I love the pink and orange strip set (third down from the top) and the blue and green set (second up from the bottom).  There is also a multi-color set that was created from using my pre-cut 2″ strips from my scrap bag (second down from the top).  Although this set was not cut improv, the color selections were.

I’m going to make a few more strip sets and then use them to create a wall quilt with kantha stitching.  Stay tuned for more.


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A Pocket Journal

Last night I finished making my first Pocket Journal.

Pocket Journal FrontPocket Journal BackPocket Journal Pages

This is a small (3.5″ x 4.5″) hand stitched journal filled with ephemera and left over painted papers from other projects.  I’m looking forward to making my own art marks in this cute journal.

The inspiration came from Sandi Keene and Rae Missigman’s class, Pocket Journals.  To learn how to make your own, visit Pop Up Art Classes

Until next time, Keep It Simple.


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Patchwork Improv

I just started an on line class with Sherri Lynn Wood on Creativebug called Patchwork Improv: Working with Strings.  In this class, you are instructed to cut strips without using a ruler, just your rotary cutter or scissors.  Yes, they are wonky and quirky with the random color combinations, especially the top four sets.  The bottom sets were more controlled using a color scheme.

Improv strips

These sets will be cut down and sewn together after I create more color sets and variations.

This has been a fun exercise in free-form piecing and I’m looking forward to creating more.


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Reuse in the works

Yesterday I visited our local SCRAP PDX store and stumbled upon a barrel full of rubber gaskets.

rubber gaskets

These are soft grey rubber, about  3/4″ diameter and 1/32″ thick.  As soon as I saw them I knew what to do with them.  I bought a handful and made my way home, thinking of all the different ways I could use them.

I colored one side and the edge with markers and let them dry.  I then stitched them onto a scrap piece of canvas-like material using perle cotton.  Each gasket has 4 or 5 spokes to hold it to the fabric.  Once they were stitched on,  I wove another color of perle cotton through the spokes.

rubber gaskets embroidery

I’m looking forward to adding more and changing the elements, perhaps beads and sequins on top.  I’m off to explore more ideas.


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Rainbow Panels #2 and #3

My mom loved the rainbow panel that I made her for Christmas.  She asked that I make a few more to add to her collection.  Below is panel #2 and #3.

rainbow panel #2

rainbow panel #3

Both of these are 8″ x 8″  3/4″ thick wood panels that I purchased at Dick Blick.  I primed the panels with a coat of gesso then used Golden fluid acrylics, Uni Posca acrylic paint pens and Sakura Gelly Roll pens to create the rainbows.

I’m hoping that the wonky-ness of the bows will lessen as I get more practice.  One idea is to lay the board on Lazy Susan turn table.  I’ll try that on the next one.


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