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Flowers, Birds and Embroidery

The flower garden is awakening with all of the sunshine that we’ve had the past few days. The first blooms of Clematis “Ville de Lyon” have made their appearance. Along with the Geum “Totally Tangerine” And Salvia “Cardonna” Look at … Continue reading

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The Goldfinches have come back

I just happened to look out my front door and saw the lovely American Goldfinches have returned.  Three boys and a girl.  Time to fill up the thistle feeder. Enjoy!

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The bluebirds are back

You know Spring has arrived when the Bluebirds have flown in.

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Bird Counting

Our daughter has become quite a bird enthusiast so any chance we have to do something with birding, we do it.  So today we participated in the Great Backyard Bird Count  .  We sat on our deck for an hour, counted and identified all … Continue reading

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Christmas Snow and Altered Book Pages

The “Artic Storm” that was predicted finally arrived in Northwest Oregon this morning. Here are my perennial flower beds.  I cut most things back a few weeks ago, but left the snapdragons, rosemary and carnations thinking I would cut them and bring … Continue reading

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For the Birds!

On our front porch.  Oregon Junco  Mourning Dove  Lazuli Bunting  Pair of American Goldfinch  Rufous-sided Towhee  House Finch  Scrub Jay  Northern Flicker  Robin We also saw Black-capped Chickadees, Barn Swallows (nesting in our garage), Black-headed Grosbeak, and three kinds of Hummingbirds; Rufous, … Continue reading

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A Simple Nest

Look what we found!!  This very simple nest made from grass clippings and a few twigs belongs to these one day old Oregon Junco’s.  We discovered this quite by mistake.  The mother bird flew away when we got close which made us … Continue reading

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