Shift, A Few Degrees

I’ve had a great couple of weeks working on different things in the studio.  I decided to try my hand at creating my own art  journal (ala Teesha Moore) and it came out great!  I made 5 signatures using the Fabriano Artistico paper and started to paint the pages.  Instead of pulling out my watercolors, I used what was on my table, small bottles of Dye Na Flow fabric paint.  Wow, what an infusion of color on the bright white paper.  On some of the pages I used a light color crayon then painted the Dye Na Flow and it did exactly what the watercolors would have done which is to resist the crayon.   My next step was to start cutting collage pictures out.  I pulled my stack of magazines and started looking for pics that caught my attention.  After about an hour, I had a stack of pages.  Now what?  How can I connect these images to the pages and have the pages mean something.  It dawned on me that really this journal would have two types of art in it.  One would be the “eye-candy”, the pictures that I collage and the other art would be the actual words.  The “shift” that happened is that I realized the words don’t have to match the pictures.  Hmm, I think I am on to something.

Do you keep a journal with words and pictures?  Do the words match the pictures?  I’d love to hear from you.

Here is one of the pages from the journal.     Another journal page waiting for details and writing.     Added rubber stamping to this one.

Below is tunnel page from my altered book entitled “Major Arteries of the Circulatory System” that I created for the monthly techniques challenge in the Altered Book Yahoo Group.


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3 Responses to Shift, A Few Degrees

  1. Kim V says:

    I’m just beginning to think about what and how I want to journal , so you’re a few steps ahead of me – thanks for giving us a look at your thought processes as you go along. 🙂
    And again , welcome to Paper Traders!

  2. Patricia says:

    These are wonderful. The piece with the lips is grand.

  3. Hi Marci
    I just got a copy of Teesha’s old zine PLAY and actually started my own visual journal too. I have done altered books for years and have never really done anything like this before… Happy creating. Lorraine

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