Gelli Arts Printing Plate

Have you seen this?

Today I watched videos from two of my favorite artists, one from Roben Marie Smith and one from Samantha Kira Harding on how they use this new tool by Gelli Arts called the Gelli Printing Plate.  I was mesmerized and my brain became overloaded with ideas.  So of course I had to drive to our local Dick Blick store to pick one up and try it for myself.  If you don’t have a local Dick Blick store, you can order it from them online.

You know what I’ll be doing tonight.  I’ll post some pics tomorrow.


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1 Response to Gelli Arts Printing Plate

  1. L.M. says:

    I just found the link for these the other day! I love gelatin printing but making the plates was always such a messy chore. SO excited to try these out soon!

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